Helicopter crash which killed Governor of Puebla and a Senator considered ‘unusual’

The Ministry of Community and Transport have deemed a helicopter crash, which resulted in the death of the Mayor of Puebla, Martha Érika Alonso and four other people, was unusual. Although no conclusive cause has been officially established, investigators have been able to determine that the helicopter fell at an angle of 60 degrees.

Now exactly a month since the tragedy, investigators are continuing to look for factors that might have caused the crash such as turbine failure. however, Authorities continue to point out, the unusual nature of the crash.

“Yes, it’s unusual, it’s not normal, it’s one of the things that draw attention, it’s not normal,” said Undersecretary of Communications and Transportation, Carlos Moran, according to Animal Politico.

Alonso was a politician from the centre-right National Action Party and had only just assumed the role of Puebla’s Governor two weeks prior to the crash. She was the first woman to ever be elected into the role, and it had been a competitive, much-contested election process. It was eventually down to the decision of a tribunal that led to her appointment amidst allegations of fraud throughout the process.

Alonso was accompanied by her husband, Senator and former State Governor Rafael Moreno Valle and flight crew when ten minutes after takeoff, the helicopter lost contact with Puebla air traffic control and then crashed on Christmas Eve near San Pedro Tlaltenango, close to Puebla. Since the crash, investigators have also established that there was not a black box onboard the aircraft, which means they are unable to immediately understand what caused the incident.

In the month since the deaths of the two prominent politicians, there have been ongoing calls for a thorough investigation into the cause. Marko Cortes Mendoza, president of the PAN political party has urged for an acceleration of the inquiry.

This week, a press release indicated that a field investigation had been completed by experts from Canada, Italy and the United States, as well as an inquiry into the helicopter company that was involved with the crash, reported El Economista.

earlier this month, an interim governor had already been announced and Guillermo Pacheco Pulido assumed the governor position as Alonso’s replacement. In his first official message, he spoke of hopes that unity and dialogue could be established between citizens and political bodies, reported CNN.

‘‘I would not like to speculate on what was the origin of such a manoeuvre, there may be many reasons,’’ this week’s statement continued. ‘‘We were talking to the technicians, they are the same as us, we are going to analyze the components to see what could have happened with control controls, with the oscillator. It is not known what could have happened.’’

Alonso and her husband join a long list of government officials and politicians that have died whilst in office. Many local officials that have been killed fall victim to organised crime and corruption. Both federal Interior Ministers in 2008 and 2011 also died in aviation incidents, reported The Guardian.  Officials investigating the recent helicopter crash explained that they are not jumping to conclusions and a thorough investigation will be made.

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