Investigation continues into death of PAN party local leader

The investigation appears to continue into the death of conservative PAN party municipal leader, Gabriel de la Rosa Enriquez, after his body was discovered with signs of torture over the weekend after being dumped along the Chacalapa River, Veracruz.

According to local reports, the leader had been kidnapped just before Christmas whilst eating with his family at Los Primos, located on the Jaltipan-Cosoleacaque highway and although the motive of the attack is yet to be determined the kidnapping is suspected to be premeditated.

After the group of armed men took the politician at the end of last year, a video was posted on social media which appeared to show Rosa Enriquez being held with two guns pointed towards him. In the video, he denounces authorities from the Chinameca region, for ties to fuel theft and corruption.

He also makes a direct reference to  ‘El Chelo,’ the former mayor of Chinameca, Veracruz, stating that “everyone knows he is a huachicol,” which is the name that is used for fuel theft by organised crime groups. The video also further goes onto speak of the officials that were involved in kidnappings such as that of a doctor, who was later used for extortion. Forced at gunpoint, however, it is unclear whether the allegations are true as they have been fervently denied by the accused.


The allegations of fuel theft and corruption within the local government come at the same time that the federal government continues their clampdown into organised crime groups tapping into fuel resources. It has so far led to wide scale shortages across the country and queues at gas pumps as motorists wait to find out if there is any fuel left for them. It forms part of the new government’s wider plans to put an end to both corruption across the government and cartel groups who have contributed to phenomenal rates of violence and mortality rates in recent years.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, no previous reports of violence or threats against Rosa Enriquez were reported to his political party, meaning they were unaware there was a threat to his life when he was kidnapped.

At the same time, however, in the first month and a half of the Morena party’s governance, as many as 150 violent deaths have been recorded in Veracruz alone.

Alongside other recognised people to be caught up in what appears to be ongoing violence across the country, local Morena leader Cutberto Porcayo Sanchez was also killed in an armed attack on January 3 in the state of Oaxaca.

Furthermore, in the first weekend of AMLO’s presidency, reports surfaced of journalist Jesus Alejandro Márquez Jiménez who became the first news reporter to be killed whilst the Morena government were in power. Yesterday it came to light that several state officials are believed to be involved with the journalist’s murder, and there are fears that corruption might affect the ongoing investigation into his murder.

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