People still missing following mine collapse

Sections of a marble mine have collapsed in Francisco I. Madero, in the central state of Hidalgo Mexico on Thursday. The incident, which took place in a place called Dengantzha at 1.30pm involved a landslide and saw large amounts of rocks fall and bury workers and equipment. Official statements have revealed that at least three people have been reported dead and others are currently missing, though it is unclear how many are trapped surrounding the open-pit mine. The first recovered body from the scene was a local shepherd, authorities said.

Local statements on social media have explained that the trapped miners were travelling in a car along one of the mines’ roads when the tragedy struck the location. The statement recalls that the vehicle caused the hill to become loose and collapse.

Search parties from three surrounding municipalities had received difficulty in attending the scene due to the difficult landscape, according to Mexican publication Excelsior. The subsequent rescue mission throughout Thursday night reported that a further two bodies had been located which totalled three male victims.

The state governor Omar Fayad has sent Secretary of the Government Simón Vargas Aguilar personally to the scene to instruct on developments surrounding the tragedy. He has been joined by Marco Antonio Escamilla Acosta, Secretary of health; and Laman Carranza Ramírez, holder of the planning and foresight unit who will support rescue teams address the situation.

The governor has also sent his condolences on social media to the families affected by the incident.

In recent years there have been few reported incidences of mining tragedies in Mexico, and this weeks collapse pales in comparison to the Pasta de Conchos mine disaster in 2006 which saw 65 people trapped, of which just two bodies have since been recovered. A thorough investigation of the 2006 disaster is yet to be completed and families continue to push for answers and the recovery of the bodies of loved ones. It is unclear what safety precautions have been put in place since the incident.

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