Mexican travel startup in the running to win ATECH’s tech competition

By October 23, 2018

More often than not, there is an excitement when you arrive in a new country. Be it for a holiday, work, or even moving to a foreign place for good, there is also, however, a certain degree of nerves that come hand in hand with exploring a new place.

It is all part of the fun, naturally – but then it’s time to get down to business – try the cuisine, learn the local lingo and visit the best-kept secrets of the city.

In the case of Latin America, new Mexican startup, LocalAventura has the avid traveller covered.  If you’re sick of being hassled by tour guides in Cusco, or simply trying to find the best English-speaking tango teacher in Argentina, LocalAventura is a platform that details all of Latin America’s most authentic travel experiences.

‘By definition, we’re a booking platform. In actuality, we’re so much more.’

LocalAventura offers an array of hand-selected tour opportunities for a number of Latin American countries which are both unique and personalised experiences. As well as being informative, the platform also aims to bring together locals and travellers and enhance the international friendships we encounter around the globe.

Founded in 2015 by Cait Breslin and Jeff Danielson and based in Mexico City, the startup has grown in influence across the Latin American continent as tourism continues to blossom throughout the Hispanic world. This week, the startuppers will also be attending the ATECH Conference 2018 which, taking place on the Caribbean island of Aruba, is designed to promote new developments in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Taking place on October 25, this year the conference will focus on digital identities and will see LocalAventura compete against seven other internationally acclaimed startups for the chance to win a $10,000 opportunity to scale their company.

They join FindSisterhood (United States), Global Tutoring Hub (Barbados), High5 Solutions (Aruba), KetoClinic (Aruba), Persky (United States), Redeemy (Colombia) and SeaGoingGreen (Netherlands) who were all shortlisted from over 100 rival startups to participate in the Caribbean competition.

LocalAventura offers a variety of tours from authentic cooking classes, to tours of ancient ruins and even 10k city running tours. Unlike platforms such as Airbnb Experiences or even Couchsurfing meet-ups, LocalAventura gives travelling and tour packages the edge because they speed up the selection process whilst also offering budding tourists the best selection as well as promoting the most exciting local tour guides from each city. By bringing all of these opportunities into once, centralised place and ensuring both guides and the service are well vetted, the ultimate goal of getting to know a city like a local can be achieved at ease.