Mayor murdered following altercation over money in Juarez

By December 18, 2018

The mayor of Juarez, 42-year-old Olga Gabriel Kobel Lara, was found dead this Sunday after reportedly being missing for over a week.

Although an investigation continues into her murder, reports have suggested that two men have already been detained for the crime and are believed to have orchestrated the killing.

Bajo Palabra has since written that the two detained men had shot the mayor and hidden her body on one of the accused’s properties almost a week earlier, following what is presumed to have been an altercation.

Based on the statement from the prosecutor’s office in Coahuila, Kobel had attended a meeting with a contractor identified as David ‘N’ when a dispute broke out over the sum of 700 thousand pesos (around US$34,700). According to the press release David’s company, known as the Specialized Metallic Factories (FAMESA) had allegedly owed the local authorities money following the failure of his company to complete work.

During the meeting at the perpetrators house, conflict broke out and two shots were fired at the mayor.

The prosecutor’s office has, however, also pointed out that the death is not believed to be linked to organised crime groups.

On average there are over 251,000 gun related deaths each year around the globe according to a new study. In Mexico this year, the country contributed 15,400 gun violence victims to the total, making Mexico one of the six leading countries that make up half of the total amount. Among the other violent  perpetrators can be found; Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and the United States. Despite making up just 10% of the global population, these six countries contributed to 50% of gun-related murders, according to Vox.

There is uncertainty surrounding the total of the study, however, citing claims that some countries fail to register all deaths. In Mexico, for example, a staggering amount of disappearances and impunity contribute to the uncertainty of this statistic.

Nevertheless, Mexico possesses some of the strictest regulation on owning a gun amidst neighbouring countries, citing a number of requirements in order to obtain a weapon. There is just one official weapons shop in the country according to the LA Times, however contrasting reports speak of vast weapons trafficking and easy access to guns in criminal circles.

The investigation continues into the death of the mayor of Juarez.